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Here are a few photographs taken during a visit to The Human League's current studio in Sheffield whilst researching details for this site. Many, many thanks to David Beevers for taking the time for the guided tour back in 2001... and apologies for the poor quality of some of the pictures!
Firstly, here are some of the synthesizers and modules used by the original line-up of The Human League. Some are the actual instruments used by Martyn and Ian, and some were bought by later line-ups of the band.
To the right, a huge Roland System 100m bank of modules (you may recognise this picture from the back sleeve of The Golden Hour Of The Future), alongside a more modern Doepfer Modular (not used by the original League line-up).
The Jupiter 4.
The Minikorg 700s.
The Korg 770s.
The Roland SH3a.
The semi-modular Roland System 100 (as used in a perspex cage onstage by Ian Craig Marsh!).
The Ampex A300 multi-track recorder used in the making of Travelogue (with VCS3 pictured in the background).
This is a ring binder full of notes, lyrics and ideas, dating back to 1977 (see Band Archive for some close-ups).
And finally, here are some of Martyn and Ian's patch notes for the Roland System 100 (click images for larger versions):
My Morale patch notes
Toyota City patch notes
My Morale, a.k.a. Morale...
Toyota City
Year Of The Jet Packs patch notes
patch notes for "the most amazing patch I've ever heard"
Year Of The Jet Packs
"the most amazing patch I've ever heard"
(If you're curious to hear this patch, you can download an exclusive mp3 of The Human League's David Beevers playing it here!)
Finally, here's a more recent picture of the band's fleximix console, courtesy again of David Beevers:
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