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Only After Dark sleeve


June 1980

ONLY AFTER DARK b/w Toyota City [long version]

7" single, Virgin VS 351

This single came free with the first 15,000 7" copies of the June 1980 reissue of the Empire State Human single, which reached Number 62 in the UK charts.
It featured the group's version of Mick Ronson's Only After Dark and the full-length 5' 38" version of Toyota City (edited to 3' 15" for inclusion on the Travelogue album). The sleeve of the Travelogue CD lists Toyota City as being 5' 38", but unfortunately the CD contains the same 3' 15" edit used on the original LP and cassette.
Commenting on the group's cover versions, Philip remarked, "I think we did them with a certain amount of taste and respect for the original, and we've made efforts not to put them out as singles. The easiest thing in the world to do is to do a way-out wacky cover of a well-known song. If we did The White Cliffs Of Dover with silly clangings in the background, everyone would rush out and buy it, and we'd sell lots of records.
"We don't want to do that. In pure financial/career terms, it's cutting your own throat because if you make it on other people's songs, you're not giving people good reason to want to listen to what you do. Which is why we had a very big argument with Virgin Records over Only After Dark, which they pressed without telling us. We never wanted Rock 'N' Roll to come out as a single off the double EP, although we agreed to it. I must admit it was probably that which got us onto Top Of The Pops, but after that, we didn't want to release another cover version for a couple of records.
Martyn: "We went into Virgin and they said, 'We're going to release it whether you want us to or not.' They actually said that, unequivocally. We said, 'You can do it completely against our wishes and we'll do everything in our power to get out of our contract.' They'd already shrink-wrapped Only After Dark with Empire State Human without telling us. We knew it was going to be released, so we said, 'We're not against re-releasing Empire State Human, so can't you make that the single to be pushed?' and they gave in to it. We wanted to re-release State Human at some stage.
Philip: "There's only one thing Virgin can do without our consent - that's take two singles off each album, and we've had battles with them over every one."
Nevertheless, Only After Dark was released as a single in its own right in Germany (Virgin 102 148 - 100), although it had a different b-side to the UK issue - WXJL Tonight from the Travelogue album.
Only After Dark written by M. Ronson/S. Richardson, Toyota City written by The Human League
Produced by The Human League & Richard Manwaring
Only After Dark available on: Travelogue CD (Virgin CDV 2133)
In Darkness (bootleg)
In Darkness